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Trekking the Colorado Trail

Hiking the Colorado Trail is an incredible experience thousands have done and thousands want to do. We think the Colorado Trail is a special resource and we love to see people hike and appreciate its grandeur. We also believe you don’t need a guide, lug a 40-lb backpack or eat freeze-dried food to do it.

Colorado Hiking Adventures provides deluxe base camps along the trail so you can trek the Colorado Trail with a lightweight daypack and enjoy the trail at your own pace without the sore shoulders. When you arrive at camp your gear will be waiting for you, your personal food will be waiting for you and our deluxe backcountry camp & kitchen will be setup for you as well. It’s that simple.


  • “We thoroughly enjoyed the final stretch of the Colorado Trail. The San Juan Mountains are truly special.”

  • “Section 26 over Blackhawk Pass is simply stunning. The flowers on the north side of Blackhawk Pass were incredible. Highly recommend this trek!”